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In a volatile market place, gas station dealers are constantly altering their sales strategy to remain competitive on the street. Understanding market conditions and how they impact our customers is of great importance to us. Applying the right solution to a gas station, whether it is a well known brand name or a lower budget unbranded solution, can significantly add volume, margin and overall profitability. We strive to apply that solution to our customers' stations to develop long term relationships and overall customer satisfaction. At Alika Fuel, we offer both branded and unbranded supply of motor fuels to gas stations throughout New Jersey. We help our customers grow their businesses with a consultative approach to each individual business and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.Upon determining the most effective image for your business, we will go to work with our seasoned team of partners to deliver that image or Brand to your station with the greatest impact possible. We will evaluate your equipment against present day technology to determine if new Dispensers, Pay at the Pump, a Canopy, or even new POS Equipment could help streamline your business. With a Grand Opening Program and Advertising support, we help customers get their new message to the consumer. We deliver consistency in service, confidence in supply, value in price and a personal touch that large oil companies simply aren't interested in providing.

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Alika Fuel Inc. is able to leverage its experience and reputation to assist its customers attain the commercial services they need to grow their businesses. We excel at adding value for our customers in the following:

Insurance – Our network of contacts and buying power gives us the leverage to obtain best-in-class insurance at the best rates. We can provide coverage for any type of customer operating any type of service station. Our group works with third-party, nationally recognized insurers to offer our customers the comprehensive coverage they need.

Equipment Installation and Leasing – Our strong relationships with our suppliers allow us to purchase and install equipment at discounted prices. We can provide pumps, POS systems, tanks, signs and convenience store equipment, either for purchase or lease. Financing is also available for customers through one of our trusted partners.

Environmental – We provide comprehensive environmental compliance services for our customers by staying up to date on ever-changing environmental regulations and partnering with industry experts to manage environmental risks. Our company can assist with UST compliance, various testing requirements and management of the necessary environmental licenses and approvals.

Maintenance – Our network of industry specific professionals can help our customers handle their most pressing maintenance issues, including electrical work, facilities management or repair, contracting work, technical issues and landscaping.

Legal and Accounting/Finance – Our team of experts is committed to assisting our customers with their back-office operations. We can assist with contracts/leases, asset protection, employee relations, accouting/bookkeeping and filing of state and federal tax returns.

Retail management – Alika Fuel Inc. commitment to its wholesale customers does not end with providing fuel at competitive rates in a timely manner. Our customers receive access to retail employees to assist them in growing their business. Whether it’s help with signing up customers for brand specific rewards programs or merchandising their stores, our customers can rest assured that they will receive the same commitment that is given to our own company-operated sites.

Regardless of the size of your station or the competition you face, Alika Fuel can evaluate your market to deliver the best Branding solution for your business. Whether it's a major brand, an unbranded solution or something in between, Alika Fuel has the supply and the brand solutions to drive greater volume and profitability to your business.

Some more benefits to work with us:
>Complete Station Branding Station Renovation, cosmetic upgrades.
>Dispenser replacement, Pay at the Pump upgrades.
>Lighting upgrades and Pavement repair.
>Credit Card Conversion Programs.
>Grand Opening and Advertising Support

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To deliver on our promise of Service, Supply, Image and Value.
To buy and sell quality petroleum products at the lowest possible price.
To develope long term satisfied customers and mutually befeficial relationships.
We recently introduced our newest brand, King's which allows small operators to give their station a new and modern look without increasing cost.
We are a family business and many of our customers are first time business owners so we take pride in guiding them through every step . We take the responsibility of helping these businesses continue to grow for generations to come, very seriously.

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Mon - Fri: 9am-6pm
Sat: 10am-2pm
Sun: Closed

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